First of All


During my time in New York City I was fortunate enough to direct a PSA for the school board. This was a massive undertaking and everyone involved wore many hats. In the end, we created over 6 minutes of animated content. Like with most projects, there were many versions and iterations made; as much as I hate to remove the context of the script I didn't want much of our hard work to vanish into the ether so I decided to put together this fun montage showcasing my favorite bits throughout the process.



Joe Donaldson

Production Company

Not To Scale NY


Zack Kortright

Chad Carbone

Production Coordinator

Lauren Farrell


Joe Donaldson

Eileen Tjan


Joe Donaldson

Ben Hill

Eileen Tjan


Joe Donaldson

Ben Hill

Tyler Wergin

Barabara Benas

Austin Robert

Eve Weinberg

Sound Design and Music

Sono Sanctus