Love Is


I had the immense pleasure of directing this film for Google during my time at Buck. From accepting those who chew with their mouth open, to comforting someone in need, love takes many forms. For Valentine’s Day '15 we teamed up with 72 and Sunny and the Google to explore just what love means to different people. 


Executive Creative Director

Ryan Honey

Executive Producer

Maurie Enochson


Billy Mack

Associate Producer

Kaitlyn Mahoney

Art Director

Joe Donaldson


Joe Donaldson


Joe Donaldson

Vincent Tsui

Xoana Herrera

Audrey Lee

Tony Legato

Cel Animation

Nicole Stafford

Debora Cruchon

Vincent Tsui

Joe Donaldson

Kendra Ryan

Laura Yilmaz

AE Animation

Daniel Coutinho

Evan Viera

Esteban Esquivo

Rafael Araujo

Joe Donaldson

Moses Journey

Tony Legato

Music & Sound Design