A New Look for Instagram


I couldn't have asked for a more creatively rewarding project to direct with my family at Buck. Working closely with the design team at Instagram, we sifted through loads of sketches, ideas, and work-in-progress assets to tell the story of how they went about redesigning their much-loved logo. With the help of Rasmus Bak, we art directed, storyboarded, designed and animated this mixed media extravaganza and had a lot of fun in the process!  


Executive Creative Director

Ryan Honey

Executive Producer

Maurie Enochson


Emily Rickard

Art Director

Joe Donaldson


Rasmus Bak

Joe Donaldson

Art Department

Joe Donaldson

Rasmus Bak

Xoana Herrera

Director of Photography

Jonpaul Douglass


Joe Donaldson

Rasmus Bak

Nick Petley

Music and Sound Design