Over the years, I've been very fortunate to participate in a number of our community's collaborative-based projects. Below you can view a few of my favorites.



Dear Europe

Directed by Erica Gorochow, "Dear Europe" is a collaborative video about the upcoming European elections and how lessons gleaned from Brexit and Trump might relate. I had the pleasure of working on the scene from :54 - :58 which explored the dangers and divisive nature of fake news. 

Full credits here.

The Wisdom of Pessimism

Who could say "no" to this project? Directed by Claudio Salas with work from a dream team of many of our industry's best, this film takes on a variety show-style approach to explore Alain de Botton's fascinating views on pessimism for The School of Life series. Teaming up with the amazing Rasmus Bak, we worked on the scene from 1:21-1:32.

Full credits here.

To This Day

Produced by Giant Ant, "To This Day" is a project based on a spoken word poem written by Shane Koyczan, which explores the profound and lasting impact that bullying can have on an individual. I did the scene from 4:09-4:23. You can watch my contribution directly here.

Full credits here.

Font Men

Directed and produced by one of my favorite studios, Dress Code, "Font Men" is a short which explores the relationship between Hoefler & Frere-Jones and their love of type design before they later parted ways in 2014. Fun fact: I initially animated many of the 2D-type diagrams and breakdowns, only to later delete the file accidentally... Thanks for saving my butt, Evan Anthony and co.   

Priceless Surprises

I'm honored to say that my last freelance job in New York City took over Times Square's New Year's Eve celebration for a full 12 minutes! With all this work being made in less than a month it was quite an undertaking with a huge team of amazing people. For my segments, I worked with the stellar Thomas Schmid, Ben Langsfeld, Ben Hill, and Alex Mapar

Full credits here.

Follow Your Dreams

"Follow Your Dreams" was directed by Jay Quercia and myself for Seneca College. With Jay leading the design effort and myself leading the animation, together we conceptualized, storyboarded, designed and animated this fun piece for Seneca College bringing to light the fact that it's never too late to follow your dreams!

Animography Monthly: Magnus

Why not do a piece about an animated typeface that doesn't really have anything to do with type? In August of 2014, Jay Quercia and I had the pleasure of working together on this microfilm. "Magnus" is a period piece about a righteous detective who struggles with the consequences of his actions as his reality begins to unravel. Sound design by Sono Sanctus.

Animography: Mobilo and Franchise Animated

The lovely people at Animography have invited me back twice now to contribute to their collaborative animated type projects Mobilo and Franchise.  On Mobilo, I animated one of the "N's" and on Franchise, I animated the "{". You can check out the full credits of each projects in the links above.